The School Of Rap is a multi-media production company specializing in engaging educational content. Through our two flagship programs; “Pod Squad Music” an educational children’s media program and  “Flowtivation” a musical series and podcast geared towards millenials in search of engaging and inspring content. Our programs are highly focused, as honing in on our core goals allows us to focus our lessons more effectively.


We are teaching both children and adults through the lense of rap music, with two different initiatives:

POD Squad Educational Music (ages 4 - 9 years old)

POD SQUAD ™ is a group of rapping orcas consisting of Little O, Big Fluke and Finderella, that teach young kids lessons about nature, friendship, science, math, outer space, geography, spelling, and more.

The Flowtivation Podcast (ages 18+)

Listen to the friends from School Of Rap discuss the latest releases, greatest verses, philosophy, aliens, crypto currency, and whatever is happening at the moment. Plus see behind the scenes music production!